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AAAPC was incorporated on 25 October 2001 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981- No. A0041763V.

There now exists a history of the Australian Association for Academic General Practice put together by Prof Max Kamien. Details

The AAAPC has been in existence for almost 20 years as an association of people who are undertaking research that will add to the body of knowledge of the discipline of general practice - or are teaching from and thereby refining and propagating this body of knowledge. There are more than 100 members across all departments of general practice and colleges, and from many divisions and other general practice organisations. It strives to be at the forefront of health research and medical education in the Australian community. This body represents this membership in general and specifically the University Departments of General Practice where the majority of senior researchers are based.

Research is essential to strengthen and develop the fundamental role of general practitioners within primary health care. The danger of accepting findings in secondary and tertiary centres and applying those findings in the community is well known. General practitioners can provide high quality health care at substantially lower cost than specialists and need to be encouraged to maintain their critical role in management and diagnosis of health problems. AAAPC members are all involved in this process and welcome participation from all those undertaking research in general practice.

In 2005, during our Annual General Meeting, three of our members were awarded Lifetime Membership to AAAPC. These members are Prof Charles Bridges-Webb, Prof Peter Mudge and Prof Max Kamien. They have all contributed greatly to the teaching and research environment within general practice in Australia.

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