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To strengthen our committment to fostering and supporting career development in academic general practice, AAAPC has created the Bridges-Webb award. This award is to recognise AAAPC members who have made and will continue to make international standard teaching and/or research contributions to academic activities in the general practice environment.

At most one award will be made annually, selected by a panel of 3 (at least one member from the executive) appointed by the President.

Financial members will be called to nominate potential awardees through email distribution list (or any superseding technology) at least 6 weeks before the Medal is due to be awarded. The nomination should include a statement outlining how the nominee meets the prize criteria. Nomination form. Nominations by members only.

The award may be presented at the AGM or any Ordinary Meeting (face-to-face) or at conferences or other meetings coinciding with said meetings. If the nominees are deemed by the panel not to meet the criteria or be of sufficient standard then they are at liberty not to make an award. The award does not come with any financial support to attend such meetings. If a recipient is not present at the award meeting the President shall make arrangements for the award to be dispatched to them.

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  1. Current financial member
  2. A significant contribution to the academic environment of general practice teaching and or research to an international competitive standard
  3. Continuing in this environment and likely to make furthercontributions

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Bridges-Webb Medal Recipients

Prof Felicity Goodyear-Smith [Report]
University of Auckland

Prof Kelsey Hegarty [Report]
University of Melbourne

Prof Nick Zwar [Report]
University of NSW

Prof Chris Del Mar [Report]
Bond University

Prof Jon Emery [Report]
University of Western Australia

A/Prof Helena Britt
University of Sydney

Prof Paul Glasziou
Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CREBP), Bond University

Prof Mark Harris [Report]
Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of NSW

Prof Mark Nelson [Report]
Discipline of General Practice, University of Tasmania

Prof Jane Gunn [Report]
Department of General Practice, The University of Melbourne

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