Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Townsville, October 8th 2000
4.30p, -5.30pm

The meeting was chaired by Max Kamien, the President of AAAGP.


Sam Heard

Dimity Pond

Doris Young

Denis Pashen

Geoff King

Geraldine Duncan

John Fraser

Jonathon Newbury

Chris Del Mar

Jeff Thomsett

Ian Wilson

Denise Ruth

Roger Strasser

Tarun Sen Gupta

Mary Mahoney

Barbara Jones

Susan Wearne

Tania Janusic

Nicholas Glascow

Amanda Barnard

Shiela Knowlden

Mark Harris

Richard Barkas

Marian Evans

Di O'Halloran

Elizabeth Jane

John Murtagh

Danielle Mazza

Claire Jackson

Merilyn Liddell

Brian O'Toole

Gawaine Powell Davis

Mark Nelson

Max Kamien

Robert Hall

Emma Kennedy

  1. The announcement of the first AAAGP Travelling Fellowshipwas awarded to Marie Pirotta.
  2. Treasurer's report was presented by Mark Nelson
  3. The Treasurer recommended that the subscription remain at $70.00 which was accepted by the meeting.
  4. The new constitution, prepared by Mark Nelson and required for incorporation, was presented to the meeting by the President. It was agreed that some changes would be made and the document would be circulated by email to the entire membership for comment and then an email poll taken to vote on it's acceptance by the Association.
  5. The Treasurer outlined the process being followed that would lead to incorporation - no comments were received from the floor.
  6. The new Secretary, Sam Heard, outlined the proposed postal ballot procedure to be followed in future elections for the committee and office bearers. The details of this can be found in the amended constitution circulated following the meeting.
  7. The Secretary proposed that the Committee will meet this year on a bi-monthly basis. The dates for these meetings will be put on the egroup calendar ensuring notification of all members.
  8. The Secretary also proposed that the Heads of Departments, including the University Departments of Rural Health, meet at least twice a year and that this meeting be organised by AAAGP. This was accepted unanimously by the members present.
  9. The Secretary also offered to cooperate with others who might like to develop the AAAGP website.
  10. The President then gave the Presidents report and announced the results of the elections - which are as follows:
    President: Chris Del Mar
    Secretary: Sam Heard
    Treasurer: Mark Nelson
    Editor: Jonathon Newbury
    WA Rep: Alison Ward
    SA Rep: Jonathon Newbury
    NT Rep: Simon Morgan
    Qld Rep: Geoff Mitchell
    NSW Rep: Michael Kidd
    ACT Rep: Nick Glascow
    Vic Rep: Jane Gunn
    Tas Rep: Gerard Gill
  11. The incoming President formally thanked Max Kamien for all his work with AAAGP and closed the meeting.
  12. A brief gathering of the Heads of Departments followed the meeting.
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