Executive Teleconference

Tuesday 5/12/00 at 12.00 NT Time

Chris Del Mar, Mark Nelson, Alison Ward, Jonathon Newbury, Sam Heard

Jane Gunn, Goeff Mitchell, Gerard Gill, Michael Kidd, Nick Glascow, Simon Morgan

The poll was open for 30 days and only 30 people voted - this is not sufficient under the present constitution to enable acceptance of the new constitution and so our move to incorporation is not possible. We need 60 votes in favour to carry the constitution. Jonathon Newbury agrees to send out an article and the executive agreed (in the absence of our president) to put it to another ballot.
There have been two teleconferences with the Heads of Departments of GP and Heads of Departments of Rural Health. It is a delicate process and may be a little heavy handed. A further meeting will be held on the 15th December.
National Institute of Primary Care
High level of funding and should be an interesting development. There is a meeting 'think tank' - circulate briefing paper on the Manchester Model and difficulties that exist with the UK Model.
GP Magazine articles
DHAC is to commission papers on various aspects of GP and Research - to encourage debate. Need to be of high quality and will be selected by President. Chris Del Mar will get permission to put them on the web.
The Primary Health Care Task Force - a number of focus groups and two workshops have been chaired by Norman Swan  - how to make improvements in Primary Care in Australia. This will be reported by Norman Swan through GPPAC.
AAAGP Website
The executive agreed to set up a website under aaagp.org. Sam Heard will take on this task and we will seek to get a few members literate with Front Page to take on an editorial role.
Annual GP Research Meeting
The executive agreed that we should make a submission for funding a GP Research Meeting for 2001. Sam Heard will put a proposal together in Melbourne for early May 2001. A draft will be circulated to the executive before being sent off.
Other business
Call for agenda items 2 weeks before each meeting
Circulate agenda prior to the meeting.
Next Meeting Thursday 12.00pm NT time (1.30pm EST)  15th February 2001.
Sam Heard
Secretary AAAGP