Minutes AAAGP Teleconference 20/4/2001

Present: Sam Heard, Jane Gunn, Chris Del Mar, Geoff Mitchell

Apologies: Mark Nelson, Nick Glascow, Jonathon Newbury, Simon Morgan

Minutes of last meeting: GM, CM

Agenda item



Ballot for constitution

No action as yet. Double envelop etc.

SH to have it ready for the face to face meeting.

Invoicing for work done for AAAGP.

No action as yet


AGM at Research Meeting

No action as yet

SH to call for agenda items

Amend website to give details of the meeting upfront.

Send out notice – voting papers will be handed out – Form up for proxies. SH

Research Meeting

Contract acceptable.


Libby Kalucy (NIS) as reporter in conjunction with AAAGP.


Recommendations to be developed.


A/V presentations agreed to do it in house.


Dinner venue – ? Scampi’s or Art Gallery. Art Gallery is favoured!

Registration forms out again.


Another abstracts call.



RED Capacity Building

Contract offered was unacceptable – will be better with the next draft.




‘Powerpoint’ – gather points at the end of sessions.

Needs to be discussed at the annual meeting. Support for Monash Department of Rural Health, GPERU and others left in the cold?


CDM is very worried that things could be going off the rails. It is a very high risk.


Not on GPETL and trouble getting on the loop.

HOD meeting to focus on this – SH to present.

Undergraduate education

Saturation issues – concerns about student placements – the RACGP database.

JG to contact Chris Pearce


Should we have a membership list


Next meeting: AGM in Adelaide - Friday June 1st