Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Committee, December 7th 12.30pm EST Teleconference

The meeting was chaired by Chris Del Mar .

Members present:

Alison Ward, Mark Nelson, Sam Heard, Chris Del Mar, Michael Kidd


Confirmation of minutes: AW, CDM

Business arising from minutes:

Issue Record Action arising
Papers for the web Some key papers for AAAGP website CDM to chase Dimiti, Alison and Brian
Resourcing of AAAGP activities $10,000 funds to administer AAAGP CDM and SH to decide split.

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
AAAGP Scientific Meeting Meeting on 30th and 31st at Carlton Crest in Melbourne - AAAGP meeting will be the evening of the 31st and 1st June 2002. MH will enquire regarding Monash's role in PHCRED conference.

SH to produce a submission.

New membership procedure Membership process - submission in writing. Application goes to committee by email. Objections - to be raised within a week. SH - add process to Web.
Publication CDM - Crisis for AFP over for the moment - editing - a lot of work. Referees list is needed - can we approach membership membership - unanimous agreement. CDM to write to membership and ADGP
PHCRED funding Government wants a change in process - with extra reporting - CDM feels not and sent notice to HoDs and Margaret MacDonald

MK - Difficult negotiations as State and Federal out of sync.

AW - also difficult with WA - people employed.

General feeling that Federal group want to move funding from GP Departments. Rural group have more problems developing capacity long term. 

CDM - Ask HoDs to share responses and experiences - ask if want Teleconference.
GP Teaching GPs can only get $100 per session from PIP - so discourages group teaching. DHAC reject this - MK - run this through GPAC - there is a meeting next week.

Community based tutorials - practice based

CDM - write to Max.


Date and time of next meeting: Friday 1st February 2002 - 12.30pm ESummerT.

Completed by Sam Heard

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