Minutes AAAGP Teleconference 23/2/2001

Sam Heard, Chris Del Mar, Jane Gunn, Gerard Gill, Mark Nelson, Geoff Mitchell

Apologies – Simon Morgan, Michael Kidd, Nick Glascow, Alison Ward, Jonathon Newbury

Minutes accepted – SH, MN

Agenda item



Voting on the constitution


Poll only 30+ members – need 30 more members. (JG) Put it to the membership at the same time as enrolling at the annual meeting. Double envelope – count at the meeting.

SH to prepare ballot for Constitution – double envelope and liaise with MN on membership list.

GP/PC RED and HoDs meeting (CDM)

(CDM)Government hasn’t sent out contracts yet – no other processes. Constitute teleconference when these arrive. Has turned into a purchasing arrangement. Use HoDs meeting as a mechanism. Will involve UDRH heads. Motion to make AAAGP central organisation in putting views to Government (CDM, JG) – accepted unanimously

CDM will organise a HoD teleconference as soon as contracts are sent out.


AAAGP will manage pulling this together and presenting views to Government.


JG will schedule HoD meeting at Annual Research Meeting in May.

Annual research meeting

(JG) Share ideas but concetrate on GPCRED. Starts with HoD. Annual general meeting followed by Dinner. National institute discussion. Investigator driven research. JG will book venue.. Budget up to $60,000. GM – Invite AFP and AMA and Australian Journal of GP.

JG/SH will get the details to the web ASAP.


JG will ensure venue available.


CDM will discuss who to invite specifically with JM – needs to be a research basis for this invitation.

Financial statement

(MN) - $26,000 - $6000 in reserves. Only 38 subs received. Perhaps $5-10,000 outstanding. Approached Rural Departments but there has been a zero response. Withdrawn from GST. Small amount of money going to the Departments where office bearers work. Need a billing framework

SH to withdraw tax invoices from website.


MN, SH and CDM to consider how to invoice for work – put to membership at May meeting.


Circulate minutes prior with 14 days then go public on the web. Travelling fellowship report to go on the web. Executive happy with the site and materials.

SH to circulate minutes with request for comments expiring in 14 days. Then publish minutes on website.


SH to remove secure area.

Other business

GM - Advertise the Travelling Fellowship again.

SH to send email – details are on the web.


Hold AGM at the annual scientific meeting rather than RACGP as more members present. This would delay AGM until May 2002.

SH to check with other members of the executive that this is acceptable.

Next meeting:

The next meeting of the AAAGP executive will be a general meeting at the Annual Research Meeting in Adelaide.

A planning teleconference will be held on the 20th April 2001 at 12.30pm EST. AAGP

Sam Heard