Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Teleconference 2nd Nov 2001

The meeting was chaired by Chris Del Mar

Members present:

Chris Del Mar, Alison Ward, Jonathon Newbury, Sam Heard, Mark Nelson, Nick Glasgow


Michael Kidd

In attendance:

Karen McConologue - RACGP Research

Confirmation of minutes:


Report Record Action arising
Presentation by Brian McAvoy Can we get this for the web site? SH - to chase

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
Research at the RACGP Committee structure  of RACGP was reviewed and changed (KPMG recommendation) - Research has been given its own committee. Karen M. explained the new committee structure.

Chris Del Mar - strong support now from RACGP. It is time to cooperate in getting things as going.

MN - What will the relationship be?

CDM - Need to stress how far behind GPs are in producing research output - as low as 1/100th that of other medical groups. Surgeons put in $1.5M from their own funds. Also need to consider how to put research into practice.

KM - Need to determine the functions of the RACGP research committee.

CDM - Need to get consensus around the relationship of RACGP committee, AAAGP and others.

CDM to liaise with RACGP and Heads of Departments.
Incorporation has been carried out Have to refer to AAAGP Inc. and use ACN 

Have to have a process for new members - download an application form, need primary and second - discuss at the next teleconference.

Financial statement has to be given within 5 months of the end of the financial meeting.

AGM needs to be at a time when maximum members are together in second half of the year - for the moment RACGP ASM - major decisions to be voted at PHCRED meetings.

 SH - post constitution.


Date and time of next meeting: December 7th - 12.30pm Eastern Summer Time.

Completed by Sam Heard

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