Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Committee Teleconference 7th Sept 2001 3pm EST

The meeting was chaired by Professor Chris Del Mar

Members present:

Sam Heard, Alison Ward, Chris Del Mar, Nick Glasgow, .


Mark Nelson, Jane Gunn, Michael Kidd

In attendance:

Lillace Burrow (NSW Faculty)

Confirmation of minutes:


Business arising from minutes:

Issue Record Action arising
Nil  See below  


Correspondence Record Action arising

Late correspondence:

Correspondence Record Action arising
RUSC  SH raised issue of AAAGP paper from AAAGP on the various roles of academics in primary care and general practice  

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
2. Business arising  See below  
3. Presentations at the RACGP  Heads of Departments Meeting AAAGP 5.30 HoD Meeting in Ballroom B.

Dinner AAAGP - Michael Kidd to find a restuarant

4. Travelling Fellowship Accept both Chris Del Mar to announce at RACGP Meeting

SH to put on website - with photos

5. Incorporation  Make changes to constitution as far as possible in line with those Max and Mark requested. SH will discuss with MN and Max Kamien
6. Publication working party  CDM - there is a potential problem with AFP. Australasian Journal of General Practice is underway and will rehash other work.

 Training reviewers might be a role for AAAGP.

 CDM will be Aust Fam Phys REASON Medical Editor

Run a session at next conference to teach about reviewing papers.

Travelling Fellowship to sit on editorial sessions AFP and MJA

7. Employment Feeling that should be located with President CDM will employ a policy and administrative.

Closure: 4.00pm EST

Date and time of next meeting: October 26th 2001

Completed by Sam Heard

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