Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Adelaide, June 1st 2001
5.00 -6.30pm

The meeting was chaired by Chris Del Mar, the President of AAAGP.

Members present:

  • Sam Heard

  • Dimity Pond

  • Doris Young

  • Merrilyn Liddell

  • Michael Foaler

  • Kelsey Hegarty

  • Gerard Gill

  • Jonathon Newbury

  • Chris Del Mar

  • Elizabeth Chalmers

  • Peter Schuttner

  • Joan Burns

  • Roger Strasser

  • Tarun Sen Gupta

  • Clare Neal

  • Jane Smith

  • Jane Gunn

  • Teng Liaw

  • Peter Markey

  • Peter Mudge

  • Kerri Boase-Jelinek

  • Mark Harris

  • Nabil Sulaiman
  • Fernando Infante
  • Marie-Louise Dick

  • Elizabeth Comino

  • Leon Piterman

  • Danielle Penn

  • Amanda Barnard

  • Meredith Makeham

  • Brian O'Toole

  • Gawaine Powell Davis

  • Mark Nelson

  • Max Kamien

  • Robert Hall

  • Emma Kennedy

  • Geoff Mitchell
  • Brian McAvoy
  • Lucio Noccrella
  • Michael Yelland
  • Cathy Regan
  • Remi Guibert
  • Kayte Evans
  • Sandra Davidson
  • Patty Chrondras
  • Jane Sims
  • Cate Nagle
  • John Furler
  • Bob Moorhead
  • Marie Pirotta


Dara Murphy, Louis Pilotto

  • Chris Del Mar gave the president's report which focussed on the PHC RED process and the importance of the role of AAAGP in the future in this area.
  • Treasurer's report was presented by Mark Nelson outlining the financial situation which is favourable and the need to incorporate so that we can be a fundholder for projects and the conference. The Treasurer recommended that the subscription remain at $75.00 which was accepted by the meeting. The department levy of $1500 will continue to support developments.
  • A vote on the acceptance of the new constitution was held after passing of the following motion put by Gerard Gill and seconded by Max Kamien that the Management Committee of AAAGP be instructed to prepare amendments to the constitution to address concerns raised by Max Kamien. This was unanimously accepted.
  • Peter Mudge undertook to organise a monthly Heads of Departments teleconference.
  • Leon Piterman informed the meeting that he had written to GPETL about representation of AAAGP on their Board - Chris Del Mar informed the meeting that he had also written. Neither had had any response.
  • Leon Piterman also expressed concern at the limited options for publication and undertook to approach the RACGP about the research section of the AFP and incorporation of new papers arising from the PHC RED initiative. It was felt that this section could be named in an appropriate manner and published with the Journal. It was agreed that this issue should be addressed by a working party of the following members to negotiate with DHAC and the RACGP:
    • Leon Piterman - AAAGP
    • Libby Kalucy - NIS
    • Brain McAvoy - RACGP
    • Chris Del Mar - AAAGP
  • Doris Young and Dimity Pond proposed that AAAGP employ a person to disseminate information to members through briefing documents, assist the management committee in the development of policy and support the President and members of the executive. It was agreed that AAAGP would support this to the value of $10,000 this year. Chris Del Mar will appoint this person in liaison with the management committee. Justin Beilby and Roger Strasser suggested there was an opportunity to link this post with the person coordinating the UDRH network.
  • The office bearers were then announced:
    President: Chris Del Mar
    Secretary: Sam Heard
    Treasurer: Mark Nelson
    Editor: Jonathon Newbury
    WA Rep: Alison Ward
    SA Rep: Jonathon Newbury
    NT Rep: Simon Morgan
    Qld Rep: TBA
    NSW Rep: Michael Kidd
    ACT Rep: Nick Glasgow
    Vic Rep: Jane Gunn
    Tas Rep: Gerard Gill
  • Mark Nelson raised the issue of corporatisation as a concern regarding research in general practice.  Corporations do not have an interest in the advancement of knowledge in a general practice environment being more concerned with the 'bottom line'.
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