Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of

The meeting was chaired by .

Members present:

Jane Gunn, Merilyn Liddell , Chris Del Mar, Michael Kidd, Mark Nelson


Nick Glasgow, Jonathon Newbury

In attendance:

Stella Koritsas

Confirmation of minutes:

No minutes

Business arising from minutes:

Issue Record Action arising
Research Meeting Speaker at dinner to be appointed by Merilyn ML
  Message to all to review the reports from the last 2 meetings SH
  National and International Research Collaborations - M Kidd to report - ML to chair

Friday session - Michael Kidd to run this

Chris Del Mar to run the CDAMs session

PHC RED - National Institute - relationship with AAAGP - Doris to report - Mark Nelson

  The monies will go to individuals - as a subsidy  

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
New Members All accepted as per list on site Mark to process monies


Date and time of next meeting: Face to Face at the meeting

Summary of recommendations:



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