Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Committee Teleconference 12.30pm EST, 8/11/02

The meeting was chaired by Justin Beilby .

Members present:

Justin Beilby, Jane Gunn, Mark Nelson, Edi Albert, Alison Ward


Sam Heard, Nigel Stocks

Confirmation of minutes:

Confirmed with minor clarification - the name of the Prize needs to be confirmed.

Business arising from minutes:

Issue Record Action arising
Hosting of the Annual meeting Hosting the annual research meeting has to be arranged - Mark Harris has agreed to undertake this. Justin will contact Mark Harris and prepare submission to DHA

Date, Time and Place to be circulated

Archives and History of Academic General Practice in Australia Max Kamien and Charles Bridges Webb need to be approached to do this Alison Ward will approach Max Kamien


Correspondence Record Action arising
Call for submission on Divisions Discussed the pro's and cons of submitting to Divisions review as an organisation Sam Heard to look at setting up a web page to take submissions from members

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
New members All accepted Mark Nelson to keep record
Chris Del Mar A vote of thanks to Chris Del Mar for leading the AAAGP into new territory and influence Note to all members
NHMRC RACGP submission endorsed, AAAGP to submit research by Dimiti Pond and seek a further submission to NHMRC Justin Beilby to seek opportunity to AAAGP to submit

Jane Gunn will follow up with Dimity Pond

GPET Submission from AAAGP endorsed

Further approach to GPET to seek representation of AAAGP on the board

Nick Glagow to submit

Justin Bielby to approach GPET

RACGP partnership and prizes The issue of how the AAAGP supports the RACGP ASM was discussed. 

Justin met with Doris Young and Chris Del Mar to discuss efficiency around granting shared research funds between the organizations.

In principle AAAGP is in agreement that we should work with the RACGP to administer shared research funds. We need clarification about where non-members fit within this arrangement. We propose that non-members (??) would be represented on this committee.
Justin Beilby to discuss with Doris Young
PHCRED Funding beyond 2004 Discussion about making a submission to Margaret MacDonald. Justin will discuss this issue with Nigel Stocks and will progress the discussion in the New Year.
PHCRIS –AAAGP Research conference Submissions from previous years are available to Mark Harris on the AAAGP website. In 2003 we have agreed to organize this with PHCRIS – yet maintain a separate day with an AAAGP badging. The day is to consist of workshops and discussion groups rather than presentations of completed work (which should be submitted to the PHC RIS conference). Justin will email Mark Harris to inform him about putting in a submission for funding to Margaret MacDonald.

Mark Harris will need to liaise with Libby Kalucy and Alison Ward to ensure smooth organisation of the day.

Academic Registrar funding Discussed - no action at present  
Prize for best 'unpublished' paper

It was agreed that this prize go ahead. The prize will be for a $250 book voucher and a certificate.

We need to agree upon a process for nominating a name for the prize.
Alison Ward is on the organizing committee for PHC RIS and will ensure that this committee is informed about the prize to enable advertising.
PIP payments A response has been received Justin Beilby will circulate.
List of representatives on various committees A list to go on the Web site Sam Heard
AAAGP representative on RACGP council This was passed at the last AGM of the RACGP. Michael Kidd has spoken with Justin to inform him that the financial position of the RACGP does not allow this at this point in time.  Justin will write to Michael Kidd informing him that we agree not to use this co-opted avenue this year as so many members are already.
Funding for Secretary and President Mark Nelson raised this issue Justin Beilby to liaise with Sam Heard
Logo and Letterhead   Mark Nelson to get quotes


Date and time of next meeting: 12.30 EST, 7th Feb 2003



Completed by Jane Gunn, Sam Heard

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