Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Committee Teleconference August 29th 2003

The meeting was chaired by Justin Beilby

Members present:

Nigel Stocks, Nick Glasgow, Justin Beilby, Sam Heard, Mark Nelson


Alison Ward, Edi Albert, Jane Gunn.

Late correspondence:

Correspondence Record Action arising
Nominations were received from 5 excellent candidates to take the AAAGP seat at the GPET advisory committee The committee discussed the applicants and decided that Ian Wilson from Adelaide University would be the best representative.

Ian chaired the national consultation that led to the report which was used as a basis to establish GPET. He has been a state director in the RACGP Training Program and is still an active educator. 

JB to offer the role to Ian Wilson

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
All officers need to reapply. There is no rep from Qld and we need to ensure that the states take this seriously. SH to write open email to heads of departments regarding state representatives.

All officers to renominate.

Travelling Fellowship needs an email to stimulate applications. SH has not sent out an email this year - need to alter the closing date to fit with this. SH to advertise the travelling fellowship - closing date 30/9/2003
AGM agenda Want to change the name to the Australasian Association of Academic General Practice and seek membership from New Zealand.

Relationship with College Research and Education Committees.

Edi needs to know the likely attendance at the AGM.

MN to write a motion for the AGM agenda

SH to give predicted attendances to Edi

Definition of clinical research With new grant proposals in the air the committee discussed the definition of clinical research. It was agreed that clinical research should involve primarily the assessment of clinical outcomes resulting from a trial intervention. It did not determine the nature of the intervention. JB to pursue this further


Date and time of next meeting: The next meeting will be the AGM in Hobart.

Summary of recommendations:

  • Change of name to Australasian Association of Academic General Practice - vote at AGM
  • Formal links with RACGP Research and Education Committees - vote at AGM

Completed by Sam Heard

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