Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 9th October 2003, University of Tasmania, Hobart

The meeting was chaired by Justin Beilby

Members present:

Justin Beilby, Jane Gunn, Robert Hall, Barbara Jones, Michael Fasher, Joachim Sturmberg, Norm Broadhurst, Parker Magin, Gerard Gill, Ian Wilson, Nigel Stocks, Doris Young, Nicholas Glasgow, Mark Nelson, Kelsey Heggarty, Margaret Kilmartin, Peter Mudge, Jane Smith, Dimity Pond, Edi Albert, Sam Heard, Michael Kidd. (22)


Mary Mahoney, Geoff Mitchell, Jonathon Newbury, John Litt, Simon Morgan.

Confirmation of minutes:

Justin Beilby, Achim Sturmberg

Election of Officers:

Report Record Action arising
Nominations received for each position were:

President: Justin Beilby
Treasurer: Mark Nelson
SA: Nigel Stocks
WA: Alison Ward
NT: Sam Heard
Vic: Jane Gunn
NSW: Achim Sturmberg
ACT: Nick Glasgow
Tas: Edi Albert

The postions for Queensland and Secretary were offered at the meeting. Prof. Dimity Pond accepted nomination by Kelsey Heggarty and Edi Albert and was confirmed. Jane Smith accepted nomination by Barbara Jones - a seconder will be sought and confirmation sought from the email list.  Request for seconder for Jane Smith and confirmation from email list - SH


Report Record Action arising
Presidents report Justin gave his report which is available from the website.  SH to post on website.
Treasurers report Mark gave the treasurer's report which is available on the website. Issues of any outstanding revenue were discussed, and a further call for Travelling Fellowship was agreed. SH to post on the website. SH to post a further call for travelling Fellowship.

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
NHMRC Michael Kidd, Kelsey Heggarty, Jane Gunn, Nigel Stocks and Justin Beilby spoke of the NHMRC process and the increasing influence of general practitioners - there is still a long way to go. It was agreed that there is an urgent need to network between Departments and develop a means of criticising potential applications before they go to the NHMRC.

It was agreed to spend some time at the AAAGP meeting and at the RACGP meeting working on NHMRC submissions and the support of GP researchers seeking funding.

Planning committee of RACGP ASC and AAAGP meeting to enable skill sharing and development around NHMRC submissions.

KH, JG, JB, NS and MK to ensure this takes place.

GP Curriculum Dimity Pond raised the issue of GP curricula, GP teaching in undergraduate departments and the issues around how to decide what the teach and where. 
  • What is GP Teaching?
  • How much and what form is ideal?
  • How GPs should be involved in assessment
  • Is exposure to GPs as teachers the key?

Peter Mudge reported that the Committee of Deans have a paper about the coordination of undergraduate curricula.

The work to be undertaken at the RACGP seems to be an ideal opportunity to develop this further.

Dimity Pond to begin a paper with input from Sam Heard, Ian Wilson and Doris Young on how this should progress.
Change of name It was proposed that the name of the Association be changed to "Australasian Association of Academic General Practice".

Rob Hall raised the issue that this may reduce interest in funding from Australian sources. It was agreed to pursue this and ensure that the constitutional requirements are met.

JB and MN to work this through with the committee.
Relationship with RACGP Doris Young feels that it is time to strengthen the relationship between the AAAGP and the RACGP. There are too many GP organisations and it would be good to show the groups out there that some of us are willing to work more closely together.

Michael Kidd said Council would be willing to look at this. Membership of non-GPs would not be an issue.

Gerard Gill is founding the Chapter of Military Medicine and explained that this structure would provide the independence but close relationship the AAAGP might need. It was felt that the Australasian Chapter of Academic General Practice might be a good title!

Gerard Gill to inform the committee of the options and the committee to consider a paper. Doris Young will lead this with input from Alison Ward - or another non-GP member - and Gerard Gill.
PHC Institute Nick Glasgow reported on the slow progress to the establishment of the Primary Health Care Institute. The Ministerial minute to appoint a board has been withdrawn so there is some uncertainty - but the new ministerial style provides an opportunity. NG to keep the members informed of progress.


Date and time of next meeting: The next teleconference will be organised by the President's office.

Completed by Sam Heard.

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