Australian Association of Academic General Practice

Minutes of Teleconference 6th Feb 2004

The meeting was chaired by Justin Beilby .

Members present: Achim Sturmberg, Mark Nelson, Justin Beilby, Dimity Pond, Alison Ward, Nigel Stocks, Jane Gunn, Jane Smith


Apologies: - 


In attendance: Nil


Confirmation of minutes of AGM : Justin, Achim

Business arising from minutes:

Issue Record Action arising
Date of Mid-year meeting  Meeting will follow PHCRED - Evening of the 4th and the 5th of June 2004 in Brisbane. Justin will contact Ellen, Commonwealth, and Jane Smith. Sam will put out the notice.
AAAGP - RACGP: a possible Charter for AAAGP as a Chapter of the RACGP. Gerard Gill has sent out the Charter for the Military Chapter - will need some alterations. Justin to send to executive for comment - need to decide what to do next.
Spam mail via AAAGP A large amount of spam has been coming across the website. Alternatives were discussed. It was decided to get a new provider, although this might cost AAAGP around $100.00. Sam to organize this and send an email out apologizing and saying that new provider is being sought. Sam to arrange and change to a new provider.
Web site The website will be upgraded. Suggestions included having the website more user-friendly, payment by credit card incorporated in the site, and having access to individual members possible. It was decided to cost an upgrade of the site first.

Need members list so they can check.

Jane - need a member form - would be nice to use credit card? Discussion of credit card capability - costs are significant.

Justin Beilby to explore the possibility of linking the level of administrative support to the functionality of the website.

Dimity to email members saying that we are going to upgrade the website, and ask what features they would like: easier navigation of site, credit card payment for subs, automatic receipting of subs etc., and any others


Dimity to compare email list and membership list to ensure that no one is left off the email list.

NZ Voting was not to go with Australasian membership. This is to be revisited next year. Justin Beilby will reignite issue with New Zealand this year. Issues to do with being part of a chapter of the RACGP to be sorted out with RACGP this year. Jane and Mark to progress the issue.

General Business:

Item Record Action arising
Clinical Research Funding This funding is to fund GP Based research in clinical areas. Meeting next Thursday. Call for grants to go out in next 3 months.  
Travel Scholarship This was discussed. Navaz Hiraminek has applied for funding and the Executive agreed that she was a good candidate. The budget was discussed.  Mark to negotiate details of the budget.
Role of AAAGP at RACGP Conference Held over to next meeting  
ACPHRI Up and running  


Date and time of next meeting: Friday 30th April 2004 

Completed by Dimity Pond and Sam Heard

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