Minutes of a meeting of the AAAGP Executive

Friday, April 10th, 2004 at 1pm EST.

Present: Justin Beilby, Mark Nelson, Nigel Stocks, Dimity Pond, Jane Smith

Justin Beilby apologized for lateness in convening the meeting, due to pressure of work.

1. Finances

The number of financial members is now approximately 50-60. Mark Nelson said that more would be expected to join at the meetings. The organization is financial with approximately $30,000 in the budget.

2. Communication

Sam Heard is to do more work on the Website. A meeting is to be set up with the Executive including Sam Heard at the Brisbane PHCRED meeting, to discuss the website.

3. Academic General Practice profile

The NHMRC Clinical Research Funding is now out. Justin Beilby has talked to the ministerial adviser about getting members on GPET. Other key placements have been achieved, in particular membership on the NHMRC.

4. Membership of the RACGP.

This will be discussed further at the AAAGP meeting in June. Concerns have been expressed by non -GP members of AAAGP that their voices would not be heard if the organization became part of the RACGP.

5. AAAGP Meeting in June.

Jane Smith reported that this is coming on well. Thirteen abstracts have been received, and 19 registrations to date. Michael Kidd is to be the speaker at the Friday night dinner, with other excellent speakers during the following day. It is essential to book early for the dinner, as numbers are limited to 50. The HOD breakfast is to be held on Saturday morning. Action: Dimity Pond to provide Jane with a list of HODs.

6. Future directions for the organization

These should be debated over the email and at the general meeting. It was suggested that the AGM be made more lively. It was agreed that employment of a project officer with the ability to write (HEW 7 or above) at one day a week would assist the organization. This would require a rise in fees, however - to be discussed at the AGM in October.

Next meeting: At the PHCRED/AAAGP conference in June, in Brisbane.

The meeting closed at 1.45 pm EST.