By teleconference at 12pm EST


1. Attendance: Justin Beilby, Nicholas Glasgow, Mark Nelson, Dimity Pond, Jane Gunn

2. The AGM was discussed. Applications for nominations for the executive and state representatives have gone out this week. Possible nominees were discussed.

3. Other agenda items for the AGM were discussed. These should include: President’s report, possible linkage between the National Primary Health Care Research Institute and AAAGP; linkage with GPET; treasurers report and other items as below.

4. Debbie Mutton’s work updating the website and the email list was discussed. Her work was commended. It was agreed that the email list should be encapsulated in one phrase eg AAAGP-list. Debbie’s work was seen as being crucial for the organization.

5. Finances: The latest statement shows that the current financial position is that we have approximately $27,000. The cheque for the administration position has been cleared. It was agreed that Mark Nelson would prepare a discussion paper about raising subscriptions to continue support for the administration position.

6. Dimity raised the possibility that AAAGP should run a process to address best practice in GP undergraduate teaching. This will be put to the AGM. Debbie Mutton could provide administrative support to this process.

7. Jane Gunn suggested that the panel on which GP should sit at the NHMRC should also be discussed at the AGM.

8. A call for agenda items for the AGM should be put out.

The meeting closed at 12.40pm EST.

A representative body for people undertaking teaching and research in general practice