President's report 2002

By Chris Del Mar

Dear AAAGP Members

1 Cohesiveness

We have made great gains in the last two years by forming into an important group with expertise and political weight.

  • We were able to change the PHC-RED contract significantly as a body what would have been impossible as a set of individual grant recipients.
  • Although we have made little progress on getting representation on GPET, GPPAC and the like, it is clear that are demanding representation:
    • if they havenıt given it to us at least now we know they know!
    • I believe this signals a change that will be inevitable, and will see A3GP become an important group of experts that will be invited to help in all sorts of policy and executive jobs.

2 Academic progression

We have strengthened our abilities in this. Clearly this is not just a result of our forming a strong Association, but a tribute to our increasing self-confidence as academics within the medical community. Nevertheless it is clear that are busy with:-

  • Travelling scholarships
  • Grant distributing bodies (the Pfizer Cardiovascular grants, as well as our members participating in the NHMRC process as never before).

3 Self-support

My impression is that we have become more cohesive over the past two years. The feeling is that are more collaborative than competitive (something I believe very necessary in todayıs inter-sectorial competitiveness) and this is healthy. I hope it continues to the advantage of Australian general practice.

I would like to thank all the members of the Association who have helped make all this happen. A lot of people have been kind enough to come up to me and thank me for making all this happen: can I please disabuse everyone about this notion. I had very little to do with it, and just happened to be at the helm when the sea-change happened. I would like to thank especially. Sam Heard who has been a tower of strength during the hurly-burly of the last few years as always, and Jane Gunn, who chaired the last meeting in my absence. My best wishes for Justin Beilby and the new crew!