AAAGP Treasurerís Report Financial Year 2001-02.
Total assets as of 30/6/01 37,563.72
NAB account: Opening balance 31,071.29
Travel scholarship 2330.67
Website 297
With-holding tax 124
Credit and debit tax 15.39
Conference 4857.19
Catering 3554.75
Booking fee 1100
Transport 107
Gratuities 95.44
Subscription refunds, dishonour (+fees) 109
Secretarial support 10,000
Teleconference 335
Legal fees 997
Total debits 19065.64
Interest 280.63
Subscriptions 6150
Conference dinner 2050
Conference 2001 refund 6566.16
Total credits 15046.79
Closing balance 27,052.44
Bank of Melbourne Term Deposit: Opening balance 6492.43
FID 0.09
Interest 206.25
Closing balance 6698.59
Total assets as of 30/6/01 33,751.03
Operating deficit 3,812.69
An operating deficit has occurred this year because of tardy subscription payments, 
the payment of secretarial support, and the lack of institutional contributions. The conference
this year was run at a deficit offset by a surplus from the previous year. This obviously will not
be the case for next year.
I certify that this statement is a true representation of the finances of the AAAGP.
Mark Nelson
Honorary Treasurer