Are you a member of AAAPC and looking to advance your career through research?

2019 will see the start of the FACES of AAAPC program. FACES stands for “Friends Advancing Careers through E-based Support” and is a 1 year program where groups of researchers will come together to provide mentoring, advice and collegial discussions about career advancement in primary care research and academia. It is designed to suit all levels of researchers, from PhD candidates, right through to established senior researchers.

If you participate, you will be placed into a group and invited to take part in bi-monthly lunchbox webinar sessions on topics such as career planning, goal setting, research fellowships, grantsmanship, collaborations, plus more. We will also be arranging a face-to-face meeting for cohorts at the inaugural AAAPC Research Conference.

Expressions of Interest have closed for 2019 and will re-open in early 2020.
Please note this opportunity is only available to AAAPC members.

If you have specific questions, please contact the AAAPC Secretariat on aaapc.secretariat@anu.edu.au.

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