Are you a member of AAAPC and looking to advance your career through research? 

We welcome you to join FACES of AAAPC!

FACES stands for Friends Advancing Careers through E-based Support

Why join FACES?

The objective of this program is to provide mentoring, advice and collegial discussions about career advancement in primary care research and academia.

Who should join FACES?

FACES is designed to suit all levels of researchers, from students and PhD candidates, right through to established researchers. Please note this opportunity is only available to AAAPC members.

What is involved?

If you participate, you will be invited to take part in quarterly interactive webinar sessions via Zoom and a networking event at the AAAPC Annual Research Conference.

How do I join FACES?

If you are interested in joining, please contact Dr Jessica Botfield (jessica.botfield@monash.edu).

2022 FACES of AAAPC Program

The 2022 program will include networking and interactive webinars that involve a short presentation from a primary care researcher followed by a group discussion.

    The 2022 FACES program will continue to be updated throughout the year... watch this space!

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