AAAPC News - December 2021

11 Feb 2022 6:29 AM | Lynsey Brown (Administrator)

Hello everyone,

December is coming to a close, and that means so is 2021! We have a lot to squeeze into this last newsletter of the year, make sure you don't miss anything, including:

  • AAAPC President’s holiday message
  • Subcommittee updates
  • Funding opportunities

and much more. Happy reading!


A Holiday Message from the President

Despite the cyclical outbreaks, lockdowns, isolations and quarantines over the past year, we have continued to show our resilience. I am especially proud of AAAPC’s achievements.

I wish to express my most heartfelt thanks to our members. Your affirmation and support of the work of AAAPC are the best guarantee that AAAPC will continue to champion our vision, YOUR vision, for a multidisciplinary PHC-oriented health care system founded in patient-centred and primary care principles and developed through evidence and education. Especially to members who have contributed to our Subcommittees, I THANK YOU!

I am encouraged by the strength of our Executive Committee members – many of whom were newly elected at the AGM in August. I appreciate that some have been thrown into the deep end, but all have shown incredible agility and loyalty to the role they have committed to. To the Execs, I THANK YOU!

On behalf of AAAPC and the Executive Committee, I THANK YOU for your ongoing support and hope you are able to spend precious time with loved ones over the summer holidays.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Phyllis Lau, President


AAAPC Subcommittee updates

Ever wondered how to get more involved with primary care research, education, and policy? Would you like to meet like-minded and passionate primary care researchers? This is your chance – join a subcommittee today! Email to register your interest and get linked into a subcommittee!

A quick overview from each subcommittee this month:

  • Research, Policy & Advocacy subcommittee is currently confirming continued membership for 2022 via email – if you have not already responded, please do. If you would like to join this subcommittee for 2022, please email
  • Conference subcommittee is looking forward to ensuring that the 2022 AAAPC Annual Research Conference on reforming primary health care is bigger, better, bolder and more diverse than ever before. The subcommittee is looking at an in-person conference to be held at a University locale. Please come and get involved in this subcommittee, noting that active and contributing members of this subcommittee will get discounted 2022 conference registration. Email your interest in contributing to the conference subcommittee to
  • ECR subcommittee would like to remind members to check out previous FACES webinars on our webpage. If you would like to join FACES and get the run down on all the great workshops and webinars, please email Next meeting for the FACES team will be in February 2022 (Date to be decided).
  • Education subcommittee has finalised an official vision for Primary Care Education: To promote and celebrate excellence in primary health care education, driven by high quality education research and interdisciplinary collaboration. The subcommittee has big plans for next year, including supporting education research and inter-institutional collaborations, developing new fellowships and finessing the Neil Carson Award with more emphasis on education research.
  • Membership Engagement Subcommittee has finalised its 12 month plan with a focus on interprofessional engagement and enhancing the AAAPC member experience. The subcommittee is connecting with other professional bodies to enhance AAAPCs network and will be supporting a series of targeted webinars and communications for 2022.


Upcoming Funding Opportunities

In addition to the 2021 PHC grant opportunity for wearable devices and point-of-care testing, there are a few other MRFF grant opportunities that may be of interest for you or your team members, including;

  • The 2021 Research Data Infrastructure grant opportunity guidelines were released on 14 October 2021. Applications will open on 3 November 2021 and close on 8 February 2022.
  • The 2021 Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions in Children and Adolescents grant opportunity opened on 14 October 2021 and will close on 16 February 2022.
  • The 2021 Cardiovascular Health Funding with some potential primary care applications in Streams 2-4. Applications opened on 28 September 2021 and close on 23 February.
  • Stream 2: (Targeted Call for Research): support effective adoption and adherence of preventive health interventions for cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • Stream 3: (Targeted Call for Research): accelerates equitable patient access to best care that results in best possible outcomes
  • Stream 4: (Incubator): conduct small-scale development projects will establish feasible, evidence-based approaches for identifying and targeting personalised lifelong care approaches, to prevent further stroke or heart events
  • The 2021 Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Grant Opportunity with some potential primary care applications in Streams 1-3. Applications opened 22 September and close on 16 February 2022.
  • Stream 1: Accelerator: identifying and implementing interventions to extend healthy, active years of life
  • Stream 2: Targeted Call for Research(TCR): implementing appropriate support approaches that reduce stigma associated with dementia and enable better outcomes for older people, including those in vulnerable populations
  • Stream 3: TCR: improving consistency and quality of care for older Australians across all care settings

Remember to also subscribe to GrantConnect! GrantConnect provides a centralised publication of all forecast and current Australian Government grant opportunities via an online portal. To receive personalised research grant updates, make sure to input your research key words (separated by commas) when you register.


NAPCRG conference

In our November newsletter, two members were missed on the NAPCRG summaries: Dr Pallavi Prathivadi and Dr Johanna Lynch. Dr Prathivadi presented the Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care (CRISP) poster and workshop. Dr Lynch presented a workshop titled Fostering Sense of Safety: Unpacking a Critical Generalist Strategy. Apologies to others who may have been missed!

Please remember to share your primary health care research and education successes! We love celebrating the work our members do in this newsletter.


Members Noticeboard

The AAAPC members noticeboard is a space to post national and international primary care opportunities: jobs, research projects, guidelines and resources – really whatever you like!


In case you missed any posts this month we have seen:

  • a few calls for research participation regarding e-cigarettes, and international COVID-19 public health measures.
  • Attention being drawn to a documentary “Behind the Mask – on the front line against Coronavirus” which tells the story of front line doctors and nurses fighting the virus. Watch the film for only a $2 donation here.


To get updates on the noticeboard in your emails navigate to the AAAPC members noticeboard (requires login) and click the subscribe button.


Using the noticeboard is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Sign into the AAAPC website and go to the Members Only Section >> Noticeboard

2. Underneath the big blue rectangle there is a ‘Subscribe’ button you can click to to receive regular messages to your inbox.

3. If you would like to leave a message for other members, click the 'Create topic' button underneath the big blue rectangle.


Celebrating AAAPC Members

Congratulations to some of our members in their awards and degrees:

  • Dr Johanna Lynch’s thesis entitled Sense of Safety: a whole person approach to distress was recently awarded a University of Queensland Dean’s Award for Outstanding HDR Thesis! Johanna’s work focuses on the care of distress (not diagnoses) as an everyday generalist task. Her thesis proposed an ordinary phrase ‘sense of safety’ as a trauma-informed and strength-based language that could guide treatment goals for distress. It suggests a shared language that integrates Indigenous views of wellbeing and does not divide body from mind or individual from community or country. Her thesis also introduced a new research methodology – ‘transdisciplinary generalism’ to suggest a standard for research designed for the sophisticated way that generalists manage diverse forms of knowledge in the clinical encounter. Johanna’s thesis has now also been published as book: A whole person approach to wellbeing: Building Sense of Safety.
  • Associate Professor Lauren Ball was awarded the RACGP’s 2021 honorary member of RACGP.
  • Dr Isabel Hanson was awarded RACGP’s 2021 GP in training of the year award.
Congratulations to some of our members in their successful publications:
  • Adnan Alam and team: Advance care planning in dementia: a qualitative study of Australian general practitioners. Australian Journal of Primary Health, November, 2021.
  • Mari Somerville and team: How do patients want to receive nutrition care? Qualitative findings from Australian health consumers. Australian Journal of Primary Health. December 2021.
  • Roger Strasser and team: Addressing rural and Indigenous health inequities in Canada through socially accountable health partnerships. BMJ. November, 2021.
  • Mieke Van Driel and team: ‘Never change a winning team’: GPs’ perspectives on discontinuation of long-term antidepressants. Scandinavian Journal of Primary Care. December, 2021.
  • Kirsty Douglas and team: General Practitioners’ Roles in Disaster Health Management: Perspectives of Disaster Managers. Prehospital and disaster medicine. December, 2021.
  • Jean-Frederic Levesque and team: Patient‐reported outcome measures (PROMs) to guide clinical care: recommendations and challenges. MJA. December, 2021.
  • Sarah Larkins and team: Examining area-level variation in service organisation and delivery across the breadth of primary healthcare. Usefulness of measures constructed from routine data. PloSOne. December, 2021.


This list does not comprehensively include the achievements of all of our members (sorry!). Please send me an email at when you or another member you know has an achievement that we can all celebrate! Some previous examples include a new PhD completion, publication, or an award.


Welcome to New AAAPC Members

We would love to introduce new members in the newsletter - it is a great way to build networks within our community, highlight your areas of research interest and projects you might be working on. If you would like your bio to be published in the monthly newsletter, please email or We are excited to meet you!


And that’s a wrap for 2021!

Happy holidays, stay safe, and see you all next year

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