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11 Jun 2019 7:30 PM | Lynsey Brown (Administrator)

AAAPC 2019 Annual Research Conference - 12 -13 July

  • Showcasing Australasia's leading primary care research
  • Nurturing research excellence
  • Building effective research collaborations
  • Translating evidence into high quality practice
  • Magnifying impact in primary care research

Registrations are now open for the conference – we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Adelaide for a fantastic two days celebrating primary care excellence in our region.

AAAPC ARC 2019.pdf - this flyer is about the conference and can be distributed to your networks.


AAAPC Annual General Meeting - Friday 12th July

All members should have received the notice for the AGM and papers to nominate for the 2020 executive. There are also constitution changes that will be voted on at the AGM.

The AGM will be held during the Adelaide conference on Friday 12th July.

Please contact if you did not receive the email. 

Nominations for the 2020 Executive roles are due on 5th July 2019. All members are encouraged to apply and play an active role in our growing, dynamic organisation.


AAAPC members at the 72nd World Health Assembly

In 2018 Executive Committee member Lynsey Brown (Flinders University/PHCRIS) and AAAPC member Kaara Calma (University of Wollongong) were accepted into the World Health Organization’s Primary Health Care Young Leaders Network (YLN). This year, their role with the YLN saw them attend the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the World Health Assembly the World Health Organization’s (WHO) work is reviewed, new goals and priorities are set and new tasks assigned. Attending this event in the YLN delegation was an incredible opportunity to be immersed in a global health environment and observe the decision making from member states that will guide the WHO’s future activities.

Kaara was one of 7 members of the YLN to speak on a panel in the youth-led discussion on PHC in achieving Health For All; raising important concerns about the acute care focus in nursing education and training and the need to see greater recognition of PHC in curricula.

WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus emphasised PHC as a dominant priority for the WHO and for global health, acknowledging that there is no universal health coverage without PHC. It was fantastic to see the Assembly approve the PHC resolution welcoming the Astana Declaration (in which member states committed to PHC) and encouraging finalisation of the Operational Framework by 2020. One of the key operational levers of this Framework centres on PHC-oriented research and the need for systems, policies, strategies and plans to be informed by the best available evidence.

Lynsey and Kaara had the opportunity to attend technical briefings and participate in side events on key topics linked to not only PHC and Universal Health Coverage but palliative care, health performance measurement, healthy ageing, health workforce shortages, vaccine hesitancy, multisectoral action, community empowerment and meaningful youth participation. Their work with the YLN will continue until October 2019.

Young Leaders Network at the Palais des Nations


Opportunities for research and engagement

Member seeking research recruitment:

We are interested in how general practitioners choose which medication to prescribe

We are seeking General Practitioners (GPs) to participate in a 30 to 60 minute interview to discuss their own prescribing practices.

This research is approved by The University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (ID: 1954477.1). We aim to better understand the factors that influence GPs' prescribing decisions within the Australian context.  

You will receive a $100 Coles & Myer Group gift voucher to thank you for the time you spend on this project.

Want to get involved?

Dr Hok Lim  

What you need to do:
Complete a brief pre-interview questionnaire. You will then be invited to attend an interview at a time and location convenient for you. Face-to-face interviews are preferred, but phone/internet interviews are also possible if that is more convenient for you.

(AAAPC members are welcome to submit opportunities for research and recruitment in the monthly newsletter. This is provided as a service to AAAPC members only and submissions will be reviewed by the Editor. Members can direct queries to


The Conversation - seeking expert opinion

This invitation has come to AAAPC via Dr Brett Montgomery (UWA). The journalist is happy for the invitation to be shared with colleagues.

As discussed, I'm looking for someone to write about the possibility of various medicines being shifted from schedule 4 to schedule 3. Some of the medicines proposed for this rescheduling include trimethoprim, sildenafil, triptans, and the contraceptive pill.

We've published the pharmacy perspective on this ( but I'd be interested in the general practice perspective on this issue. Are there potential problems? E.g. eliminating the need for regular consultations, antibiotic resistance, etc.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on who may be well-placed to write something on this.

Thanks and kind regards,


Phoebe Roth
Assistant Editor, Health & Medicine, The Conversation AU

0423 333 937 Twitter @Phoebe_Roth

Level 1, 715 Swanston Street
Parkville VIC 3010 Australia


Welcome to New AAAPC Members

We warmly welcome all new members to AAAPC - if you would like your bio to be published in the monthly newsletter, please email This is a great way to build networks within our community. 

From the editor: I have thoroughly enjoyed being the AAAPC Editor over the last two years. I won't be re-standing for the Editor role at the upcoming AGM. I would be happy to speak with anyone who is considering nominating - it is a great way to meet other researchers across the region and is a practical way to practice writing and editing skills. Please email me at if you would like more information on what the role has involved.

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