Travelling Fellowship

The Travelling Fellowship was reviewed in 2020 in light of the global pandemic which has restricted travel. We have also revised the Fellowship to take account of the increasing financial constraints that are being experienced by our members. The Fellowship will be reviewed annually to ensure it is best meeting the needs of our AAAPC members.

The following are guidelines applicable to the AAAPC Travelling Fellowship 2020 only.

The aims of the Fellowship are to:

    • Assist members of AAAPC to undertake academic activities including costs associated with carrying out research, dissemination, professional development and impact.
    • Provide support particularly, but not exclusively for, those who are early career researchers.
    • Enhance Australasian academic primary care in a community setting.
    • Foster collaboration between Australasian and international primary care researchers.
    • Support First Nations’ primary care academics across Australasia.
      The Fellowship is available for any purpose likely to meet the stated aims of the program. For more information please see the Information Package below.

      Applications are welcome for amounts up to $1000. Fellowships must be used in the year specified in the application process. A total fellowship pool of $3000 is available.

      One fellowship of up to $1000 will be specifically allocated to a First Nations applicant (eligible application dependent).

      Sajal Saha, 2021 recipient
      Monash University

      Sajal Saha is an academic pharmacist and a commonwealth scholar in the UK. He also graduated with a Master of Public Health with distinction and a prestigious John Griffith Prize from the University of Leeds, UK. Saha is a Pan Canadian Transdisciplinary Understanding on Training and Research in Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC) Trainee 2020. He is currently a PhD fellow of the Department of General Practice of Monash University and the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Australia.

      Saha wants to use the AAAPC fellowship in conducting a workshop involving GPs, pharmacists and stakeholders to refine the GP-pharmacist antimicrobial stewardship (GPPAS) model designed as part of his doctoral program for future feasibility testing in optimising antimicrobial(s) use in Australian primary care, and presenting at the AAAPC Annual Research Conference in 2021. He believes that this grant will help him to generate a NHMRC investigator grant building upon the developed GPPAS model through building a solid network among Monash University, University of Toronto and the University of Melbourne.

      Eligibility criteria

      Applicants must:
      • Be a current financial member of the AAAPC and have held membership for at least 1 year before applying; First Nations members do not have a time limit on their membership
      • Be actively involved in primary care research or teaching
      • NOT have held an AAAPC Travelling Fellowship in the previous 4 years

      Submission process

      Applications must be typewritten in black. Minimum font size 11 point.

      PDF versions (in one document) should be submitted electronically. Late applications will not be accepted.

      Applications will be short-listed and reviewed.

      Applications must include:

      • Contact details, please include if you are a First Nations’ academic

      • Letter of support from head of your institution/department confirming that the financial support is NOT available from your home institution

      • Plain language summary of proposed use of funding including aims & objectives and how it will contribute and further your primary care research career (100-300 words)

      • Outline of activities - include how your proposed activities clearly link to the aims of your fellowship (2 A4 pages maximum, table format is preferred)

      • Budget

      • Outcome (max 300 words) - explain how your proposed Fellowship will benefit yourself, your institution and the wider AAAPC community

      • Curriculum Vitae - no more than two pages

      Assessment process

      Applications will be short-listed and reviewed by three members of the AAAPC Executive Committee on the basis of the aims of the Fellowship program, in particular:

      • Of their relevance to the goals and values of the AAAPC
      • The track record of the applicant relative to opportunity
      • The applicant's demonstrated commitment to academic primary care
      • Likelihood that the fellowship will be of value to the applicant's further career in academic primary care
      The Secretary will inform the applicants in writing of the outcome of the review process within six weeks of the close of applications.

      Past recipients

       2021 Sajal Kumar Saha
       Monash University
       2020 Dr Michael Wright University Technology Sydney
       2018 Dr Xiaoping Lin Monash University
       2017 Prof Meredith Temple-Smith
       University of Melbourne
       2016 Dr Jennifer Walker
       University of Melbourne
       2015 Dr Joel Rhee
       University of New South Wales
       2014 Dr Irene Blackberry
       La Trobe University
       2012 Prof Parker Magin
       University of Newcastle
       2011 Dr Phyllis Lau
       University of Melbourne
       2010 Dr Caroline Laurence
       University of Adelaide
       2009 Dr Julia Walters
       University of Tasmania
       2008 Dr Joel Rhee
       University of New South Wales
       2007 Ms Deb Askew
       University of Queensland
       2006 Ms Petya Fitzpatrick
       Australian National University
       2005 Dr John Furler
       University of Melbourne
       2004 Dr Clare McGuiness
       Australian National University
       2002 Ms Helen Tolhurst
       Ms Donna Southern
       University of Newcastle
       Monash University
       2001 Ms Patty Chondros
       Ms Amanda Barnard
       University of Melbourne
       Australian National University
       2000 Dr Marie Pirotta
       University of Melbourne

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