AAAPC 2022 Annual Research Conference

Thursday 18th - Friday 19th August 2022, Online

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Having trouble joining? Please call: +611800960932


The AAAPC Annual Research Conference:

  • Showcasing Australasia's leading primary care research
  • Nurturing research excellence 
  • Promoting multidisciplinary research networks and collaborations
  • Supporting the translation of evidence into policy and practice
  • Strengthening the impact of primary care research 





    Thursday 18 - Friday 19 August

    9:00am - 5:00pm AEST

    Join us for the Conference dinner in Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast/Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney;
    Thursday 18 August, 7pm

    Hope you enjoy the 2022 Annual Research Conference...

    Access all the Abstracts in the Australian Journal of Primary Health

    With thanks to our event sponsors CSIRO Publishing/Australian Journal of Primary Health

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