AAAPC News - November 2021

25 Jan 2022 5:02 AM | Lynsey Brown (Administrator)

November has gone already! We have lots of updates this month – a sign of all the great things going on with AAAPC and its members! Make sure you don't miss anything, including:

  • Highlights from Professor Roger Strasser’s webinar
  • Subcommittee updates
  • NAPCRG annual meeting highlights
  • International COVID-19 vaccination program research
  • Members Noticeboard update

and much more. Happy reading!


Webinar now online: Primary Health Care Education in Rural Settings: Learning generalism in rural, by rural, for rural

Watch Now!

Thank you Professor Roger Strasser for your engaging and informative webinar November 9th.

Professor Strasser highlighted the worldwide rural health access issue and the challenges rural practitioners face as ‘extended generalists’ as a consequence. Professor Strasser suggests boosting the workforce with a ‘Start Local System Design’ where systems are co-designed and co-delivered in the local context to address local priority health needs. He talked about the social accountability of medical schools to direct their teaching and learning towards priority health needs, communities, regions and nations. Professor Strasser drew on his experience of ‘Immersive Community Engaged Education’ in Canada, specifically the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). Find out more by watching the recording on our website!


AAAPC Subcommittee updates

Ever wondered how to get more involved with primary care research, education, and policy? Would you like to meet like-minded and passionate primary care researchers?? This is your chance – join a subcommittee today! Email to register your interest and get linked into a subcommittee!

A quick overview from each subcommittee this month:

Research, Policy & Advocacy subcommittee has submitted a response to the Australian 10-year strategic plan for Primary Care Reform, is starting feedback for the Research Australia proposed reforms for Health and Medical research, and is squirrelling away on defining what a national practice based research network could look like in Australia.

Conference subcommittee is looking forward to ensuring that the 2022 AAAPC Annual Research Conference on reforming primary health care is bigger, better, bolder and more diverse than ever before. The subcommittee is hoping to provide an in person conference (yay!), with an option to go online if needed. Please come and get involved in this subcommittee, noting that active and contributing members of this subcommittee will get discounted 2022 conference registration.

ECR subcommittee would like to remind members to check out previous FACES webinars on our webpage. If you would like to join FACES and get the run down on all the great workshops and webinars, please email Next meeting for the FACES team will be in February 2022 (Date to be confirmed).

Education subcommittee has finalised an official vision for Primary Care Education: "To promote and celebrate excellence in primary health care education, driven by high quality education research and interdisciplinary collaboration". This subcommittee successfully managed a fantastic webinar, by Professor Roger Strasser in November, and have big plans for 2022 to support education research and inter-institutional collaborations, developing new fellowships and finessing the Neil Carson Award. This subcommittee is looking for engagement – so please do register your interest via email!

Membership Engagement subcommittee is finalising a 5-year plan to support AAAPC membership by engaging with new people and organisations in primary care, and making sure our current members get the best experience. The subcommittee will be supporting a series of targeted webinars and communications for 2022. Please come and join the fun and help us engage with members! Register your interest via email.


Upcoming Funding Opportunities

In addition to the 2021 PHC grant opportunity for wearable devices and point-of-care testing, there are a few other MRFF grant opportunities that may be of interest for you or your team members, including;

  • The 2021 Research Data Infrastructure grant opportunity guidelines were released on 14 October 2021. Applications will open on 3 November 2021 and close on 8 February 2022.
  • The 2021 Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions in Children and Adolescents grant opportunity opened on 14 October 2021 and will close on 16 February 2022.

Remember to also subscribe to GrantConnect! GrantConnect provides a centralised publication of all forecast and current Australian Government grant opportunities via an online portal. To receive personalised research grant updates, make sure to input your research key words (separated by commas) when you register.


FM Vax: An International Survey on the Integration of Public Health and Primary Care in COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns

AAAPC member, Professor Felicity Goodyear Smith, is part of an international collaboration of primary care researchers who are requesting your help! The team are surveying primary care professionals to identify the approach used by different countries in their COVID-19 vaccination programmes, focussing on public health and primary health care integration. Please share your perspective in this 15-minute online survey. The survey is available in 7 languages, with an opportunity to enter a prize draw. Visit to learn more.

Ethics Approval provided by University of Toronto REB ID:00041513

NB: AAAPC is updating their policy on including research in the monthly newsletter. We do not want to overload our members with research, but do want to share opportunities relevant to all members. We will share the policy with you when available!


NAPCRG conference highlights

AAAPC North American counterpart, the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) , held their Annual Meeting online between November 19-23, 2021. While the timing was a challenge for us antipodeans, we had some AAAPC members in attendance including the AAAPC NAPCRG Distinguished Paper Award winner, Abhir Nainani! Read about Abhir's experience and some other presentations below.

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to present at the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) annual meeting under the international award section of the conference. I conducted my presentation 'simulated live', which meant that my 15 minute oral presentation was pre-recorded and broadcast throughout the conference's virtual platform. Following the oral presentation, the audience had an opportunity to ask me (and two other international paper award winners from different countries) questions about our presentations. Overall, the conference was extremely enjoyable. I got the opportunity to listen to several incredible speakers discuss exciting research in primary care (which has definitely inspired me to continue research). I'd like to thank the AAAPC and my supervisors for making this possible; it was my first international conference. I feel incredibly grateful to receive this award and present my research! – Abhir Nainani

Other AAAPC members with research presented at NAPCRG included:

Professor Grant Russell presented his team's findings on their longitudinal participatory case study of 6 practices negotiating the pandemic in Melbourne in 2020. While the impact of COVID was far less disruptive in Australia compared to the experiences of many of the international attendees at the conference, it was fascinating to see how many of the struggles for practices dealing with the pandemic were common across all jurisdiction.

Dr Katelyn Barnes, Dr Kathleen O’Brien, and Professor Kirsty Douglas as well as Dr Kyle Eggleton and Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith presented as part of an international forum alongside team members from the Larry A Green Center (USA) and University of British Colombia (Canada) comparing COVID-19 impacts in general practice. The presentations showed that despite very different COVID-19 contexts and health systems, all countries experienced similar levels of strain in general practice. Discussions with the audience focussed on why that might be!

Dr Pallavi Prathivadi presented a poster on behalf of an international team about Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care (CRISP) and contributed to a workshop on improving reporting of primary care research. The CRISP team have found that clinicians are not finding primary care research useful due to lack of detail in reporting of methods and results, and are developing a guide to be added to the EQUATOR network of reporting guidelines. Find out more about CRISP here.


Members Noticeboard

The AAAPC members noticeboard is a space to post national and international primary care opportunities: jobs, research projects, guidelines and resources – really whatever you like!

In case you missed any posts this month we have seen:

  • Career opportunities with University of Ottawa (closing Dec 22), University of NSW (Closing Jan 6), and University of Otago (closing Feb 7);
  • Opportunities to inform Asthma management guidelines;
  • A conference announcement for mental health in primary care; and
  • Several resources for clinicians including for: women's health, Education (wiseGP), and online tool for PROMs.

To get updates on the noticeboard in your emails, navigate to the AAAPC members noticeboard (requires login) and click the subscribe button.

Using the noticeboard is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Sign into the AAAPC website and go to the Members Only Section >> Noticeboard

2. Underneath the big blue rectangle there is a ‘Subscribe’ button you can click to to receive regular messages to your inbox.

3. If you would like to leave a message for other members, click the 'Create topic' button underneath the big blue rectangle.


Celebrating AAAPC Members

Congratulations to some of our members in their awards and degrees:

  • Dr Bryce Brickley has completed his PhD. Bryce’s PhD focused on defining patient centered care, and developing a toolkit for patient centered care in general practice in collaboration with the Gold Coast PHN. Well done Bryce!
  • Dr Liz Stugiss, Dr Kathleen O’Brien, Professor Kirsty Douglas and team were awarded Best Paper at NAPCRG for their systematic review published with Family Practice. Read the paper titled: Obesity management in primary care: systematic review exploring the influence of therapeutic alliance.

Congratulations to some of our members in their successful publications:

  • Sarah Dennis and team: Allied health are key to improving health for people with chronic disease: but where are the outcomes and where is the strategy? Australian Journal of Primary Health, November 2021.
  • Anne Parkinson and team: Managing type 1 diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic is a team effort: a qualitative study of the experiences of young people and their parents. BMJ, November 2021.
  • Amy Kirkegaard and team: The Quality in Nutrition Care (QUINCE) model: development of a model based on Australian healthcare consumer perspectives. Family Practice, October 2021.
  • Carolyn Ee and team: Providing lifestyle advice to women with PCOS: an overview of practical issues affecting success. BMC Endocrine Disorders, November 2021.
  • Ben Harris-Roxas and team: A Case Study of an SMS Text Message Community Panel Survey and Its Potential for Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Medical Internet Research, November 2021.
  • Liz Halcomb and team: Australian general practice nurse involvement in mental health: A descriptive survey. Collegian, November 2021

This list does not comprehensively include the achievements of all of our members (sorry!). Please send me an email at when you or another member you know has an achievement that we can all celebrate! Some previous examples include a new PhD completion, publication, or an award.


Welcome to New AAAPC Members

We would love to introduce new members in the newsletter - it is a great way to build networks within our community, highlight your areas of research interest and projects you might be working on. If you would like your bio to be published in the monthly newsletter, please email or We are excited to meet you!

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