AAAPC News - April 2019

30 Apr 2019 9:00 AM | Lynsey Brown (Administrator)

FACES - Friends Advancing Careers through E-based Support

Are you a member of AAAPC and looking to advance your career through research?

2019 will see the start of the FACES of AAAPC program. FACES stands for “Friends Advancing Careers through E-based Support” and is a 1 year program where groups of researchers will come together to provide mentoring, advice and collegial discussions about career advancement in primary care research and academia. It is designed to suit all levels of researchers, from PhD candidates, right through to established senior researchers.

If you participate, you will be placed into a group and invited to take part in bi-monthly lunchbox webinar sessions on topics such as career planning, goal setting, research fellowships, grantsmanship, collaborations, plus more. We will also be arranging a face-to-face meeting for cohorts at the inaugural AAAPC Research Conference.

Please express your interest in joining by Friday 10th May
Please note this opportunity is only available to AAAPC members.

AAAPC Upcoming Webinar

'Polishing the Diamond': Prof Jane Gunn, University of Melbourne
6 June 2019, 10:00am-11:00am AEST

Join us for our next Webinar featuring Professor Jane Gunn from the University of Melbourne. We welcome all primary health care researchers and teachers to attend!

Please register at:

Jane Gunn is Professor and Foundation Chair of Primary Care Research and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at The University of Melbourne. She has served as Head of the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne from 2009-2017. She is a General Practitioner and has established a successful primary care mental health research group and is involved in leading primary care reform.

In this talk Jane will share her story of building a research program around depression and the intersection of depression with  chronic physical health problems. Jane's research journey began with the mission of understanding how depression was being  managed in general practice and how we might further strengthen the role that primary care plays in maintaining emotional  wellbeing. Over the past 15 years or so Jane has focussed on understanding the patient experience of care and the context in which care is delivered; as well as understanding the natural history of depression and developing a model of care that can be delivered in primary care which addresses the biopsychosocial needs of people experiencing depressive symptoms.


AAAPC 2019 Annual Research Conference - 12/13 July

Congratulations to Distinguished Speakers

Congratulations to Prof Danielle Mazza (Monash University) who has been awarded the highest scoring abstract for the Annual Research Conference. The abstract titled “The Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject (ACCORd): Results of a cluster randomised controlled trial aimed at increasing Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) uptake” will be presented at the plenary session on Saturday 13 July.

Congratulations to Dr Lauralie Richard (University of Otago) who has been awarded the highest scoring abstract from an Early Career Researcher. The abstract titled “Providing care to refugees through mainstream general practice in Southern New Zealand: what are the perspectives of general practitioners and practice nurses?” will be presented at the plenary session on Saturday 13 July.

The abstracts submitted this year were of excellent quality. All authors have been notified about the outcome of their submission. Please contact with any questions.

We are delighted to announce that the Australian Journal of Primary Health is sponsoring the conferences and providing an online supplement with all abstracts. We thank AJPH for their ongoing commitment to supporting high quality primary care research in Australasia.


AAAPC 2019 Annual Research Conference

  • Showcasing Australasia's leading primary care research
  • Nurturing research excellence 
  • Building effective research collaborations
  • Translating evidence into high quality practice
  • Magnifying impact in primary care research

Registrations are now open for the conference – we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Adelaide for a fantastic two days celebrating primary care excellence in our region.


RCGP Research Conference and RCGP workshop 2019 in London – report from AAAPC member, Dr Heinz Tilenius

I attended the RCGP half day workshop on 28.3., and the RCGP annual research conference on 29.3.2019, where I presented a poster of part of my MPH dissertation form Glasgow University. The RCGP conference was only held for the second time this year. Both workshop and conference took place at the College of General Practitioners in London. Both events were chaired by Professor Roger Jones, the current BJGP editor. The research workshop was excellent and consisted of three modules. The RCGP conference the next day was informative, at times interactive, and extremely well organised. The advice provided for writing and how to maximise the opportunity to get a paper published was both invaluable and practical.

The delegates included some distinguished guests, such as Professor Michael Kidd, University of Toronto and WHO director. Further, Professor Helen Stokes Lampard, current chair of the RCGP, and Clare Gerada, previous RCP chairperson, and a very influential GP in the UK, were speakers. I felt inspired by the collaborative approach of the workshops, the quality of the masterclasses, overall content of the conference and the research presented. The posters shown appeared to be of high standard and the poster section was, considered that this conference is only 2 years in the running now, sizeable, with more than 30 posters presented.

In my opinion, Australasia would be well placed to initiate a similar annual or every two years conference from one of its leading primary care journals, as it should further research, its quality and publications in our region. Such an event might even be part of the new AAAPC conference.

(editor – thank you to Heinz for providing this report for the newsletter. If you are attending a conference and would like to share your experiences with other AAAPC members, please email us at


Welcome to New AAAPC Members

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